Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pole Camera

Pole TopBelow are the instructions for constructing a basic pole camera with off the shelf parts. You’ll need something to trigger the camera while it’s up in the air. I use the remote that came with my DSLR or an IR intervelometer, you could use a wired trigger if you can make one with a long enough cord.All of the materials for this project can be found at most home improvement stores.

  1. A painter’s extension pole (mine has 3-sections and extends to about 12 feet)
  2. A paint brush extension Link
  3. 1/4-20 hardware (nuts, bolts, washers…)
  4. Camera Trigger
    1. IR Remote (Mine)
    2. IR Intervelometer (GentLED)
    3. Hard-wired shutter release
Step 1:
Remove the brush holder part of the brush extension.

Step 2:
Measure how far a 1/4-20 bolt goes into you camera’s tripod mounting hole. Find a bolt that   will fit a couple washers, a nut and still have enough room for the camera mounting hole. I had a longer bolt so I had to stack a nylon spacer and a couple extra washers. You’ll want to tighten the nut and bolt so the the nut is supporting the bottom of the camera and so that when you screw the camera back on it will be pointing the right way.
Bolt and washers

Step 3:  
Screw the brush extender onto the extension pole and attach the camera. The brush extender allows you to adjust the angle of the camera at the top of the pole.
Pole TopLevel headed

Step 4:   
Extend and take pictures! Here are a couple from the field and my back yard.
Me squinting up at the sun.

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