Point Clouds

This is my home for various point cloud datasets that I have worked on.
Many of these are just examples and many are not full resolution.

The viewer is provided by potree.org and will open in another window/tab

Rotate - Click and Drag Left Mouse Button
Pan - Click and Drag Right Mouse Button
Zoom - Scroll Wheel


  1. Nice point clouds! :)
    One suggestion: The first example has ~270.000 points in the first node alone. This increases load times and also makes rendering less efficient. I usualy aim for ~20.000 points in the first node (=data/r file). Try to increase the spacing parameter (-s) by x4 to get less points per node and also increase the octree depth (-l) by 2 in order to get the same details. Assuming you've used the default values (-s 1 -l 3), try this:
    ./PotreeConverter.exe file.laz -s 4 -l 5 --output-format LAZ

    1. Thanks Markus,
      I'll give it a shot, these were my first conversion attempts. I'll definitely play around with the parameters some more. Thank you so much for your work on this, I'll let you know if I have any problems.

  2. hi james can you please tell me which drone will be suitable for open pit mine survey because i read a lot of drone types pix4D, 3DRsolo, Ebee etc