Here is some of the software/code that I've written mainly for myself, hopefully it will be useful to you too. Unless otherwise noted, the software/code here are open source covered under either an MIT licence or ISC licence. I try my best to make sure that the code is well commented, but that sometimes falls by the wayside. I also try my best to test the code for a variety of situations, but most of these are specific to my data/analysis needs. Therefore, if you run into a problem I will try to provide some support via e-mail, but I cannot provide full technical support for what I publish here.

All of this code is hosted on my GitHub page

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Matlab Code

ProjectDescriptionVersionLast Updated
DoD HistogramsCreate tri-colored histograms for difference of DEM (DoD) analyses2014bDec. 2, 2014

Python Code

ProjectDescriptionVersionLast Updated
Agisoft Photoscan ScriptsPython scripts for various Photoscan functionsN/AJune 18, 2015
Image Resolution CalculatorSimple spatial resolution calculator for nadir aerial imagery1.0Aug 18, 2015


ProjectDescriptionVersionLast Updated

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